LET´s CREATE – Land in sight

One step after another

Since the project has no priority and the guys from roobykon, especially dimitry,  can just work in their spare time, we are making slow, but constant progress. After my last post, there were a few challenges to master, one was, that the image resize as a service called firesize, which is written in golang, did not compile on ubuntu 16.04, so we had to run it on another droplet with ubuntu 14.04 and second, the amazon S3 dependency could not be removed as easy as we thought, so we came up with using Scality S3 Server, an open source, self-hostable, amazon S3 alternative, which runs on a different server. One of the last tasks is to connect Readraptor notifications with mailgun to send out emails on signup and notifications. Finally, all end points and services need to be encrypted with SSL. Since the application is very RAM intense, we are glad to receive a 250 $ hosting coupon from Digital Ocean, so we could move everything to a larger droplet when testing is done in the next few weeks.

Main chat (landline ) is working as expected 😀


Keep you updated



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