Assembly Meta is now open source

[historical post via ] Since Assembly is an open and transparent platform, we’re often asked about letting the community dive into our codebase. Until now, the way we let that happen was by breaking off parts of our platform… Continue Reading →

Ownership on a Different Scale

[historical post via ]  There are plenty of blog posts explaining fancy equations for how to divvy up ownership between founders based on weird things like, 5% goes to the idea creator or 10% goes to the CEO. They… Continue Reading →

The Bounty Valuation Equation

[historical post via ]   This is a companion post explaining the math behind our new improvements to bounty valuation. Read more about the feature. We have designed a bounty recommendation system that attempts to balance numerous, sometimes conflicting,… Continue Reading →

5 ways to build momentum behind your Assembly product

[historical post via ] We frequently get questions that look something like this: “I’ve put my idea up on Assembly. I’m starting to build it and have gotten a bit of interest from the community, but how can I… Continue Reading →

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