Assembly Meta is now open source

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Since Assembly is an open and transparent platform, we’re often asked about letting the community dive into our codebase.

Until now, the way we let that happen was by breaking off parts of our platform into open source products on the platform, but today we’re open sourcing the whole thing.

Starting today, you can look under the hood, fork our repo, make pull requests, and participate in Assembly Meta just like you would any other product in the community. Meta is a Rails app with lots of React on the front-end.

What does this mean?

  • You can fork the repo
  • You can complete any of the bounties we’ve created for Meta
  • You can see changes as we roll them out

Note: Meta is an Assembly product in the sense that anyone can complete bounties, write code, etc., but the coins earned on Meta will not pay out royalties. We are planning on doing some nice things for partners who join in and work on it, however.

We’ve always aimed to give the community a voice in where Assembly goes, and we hope this makes that easier.

We can’t wait to see what you build.

The Assembly team

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