5 ways to build momentum behind your Assembly product

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We frequently get questions that look something like this:

“I’ve put my idea up on Assembly. I’m starting to build it and have gotten a bit of interest from the community, but how can I build some real momentum and get people excited to work on it?”

Here are our answers:

1. Build other products on Assembly

The best part of Assembly is the community, and the best way to build relationships is to work with people. When people see that you are smart and driven, they’ll be thrilled to work with you on your product.

A few more benefits of working on various products:

  • It will teach you how Assembly works and how people use it
  • You’ll end up with a diverse portfolio of App Coin ownership

There is no question that the most effective way to generate interest in your product is to work on other products on Assembly.



The discover page is a great place to find them.

2. Get to work building your product.

Momentum breeds momentum. The more vision and activity that people see, the more excited they’ll be to dive into a product. Also, clear communication of completed and upcoming work will help someone get a great grasp of what you’re doing and how they can help.

In addition to starting to build your product, it’s also important to lay out your ideas. That means starting discussions, creating bounties and organizing them within projects, and posting updates to your product blog.

Tip: Keep your bounties clear, and small in scope. That makes it easy for newcomers to know how to get moving.

4. Bring your friends

We all have that talented friend we love working with. Or the talented friend we’ve always wanted to work with. Here’s your chance. And, you can even tip your friend a few App Coins so they have a small stake in the product before they arrive:


5. Let us know!

The Assembly team gets inbounds all the time from great people who would love to find a great team to work with. Hop into Assembly Meta chat and tell us what skills and backgrounds you’re looking for – we’ll try our best to send people your way.

As always, the best thing to do is to do what you best: make stuff.

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